Industrial Facility






Compression Television



Hitachi, Japan



2009 (not in production)


When thinking about the design of a television, much effort is put into the situation when the TV is on and used by people. During the long periods when it is off however, the TV continues to exist, if only physically. In other words, before people are using it, the TV originally exists as part of the landscape.


We used this perspective to create a new television, designed with Hitachi, that leaned against the wall. The cover with all of its switches was removed, leaving only the screen and two thin legs, formed from the continuations of the TV’s bezel. Cables ran down on the inside of each leg, whether leaning or fixed. The end result was a TV that appeared even thinner than it actually was - reliant as much on the wall to function, as it was on the electricity to power it, and the images that were broadcasted.