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Cycle Shirt



Margaret Howell, London



2010 -


Cycle Shirt is a collaboration between clothing designer Margaret Howell and Industrial Facility.

The designers share a similar approach to design, paring away the inessential to find the purely useful, and shaping it with character through detail. Margaret Howell says 'Shirts are like people, a simple basic form, but with infinite variations of detail that make individuality. The life of a piece of clothing starts with its purpose, and its character lies in the details.'

The intention was clear from the start, that the shirt should reflect the busy and urban experiences of Sam Hecht, who spends most of his time on two wheels. The idea to create back pockets came up after investigating historic cycle racing jerseys which had a pocket for maps. This idea was translated into tailoring, turning up the tail of a classic shirt to create a divided pocket. The outcome was a pale blue cotton shirt, pre-washed, with minimal front detailing. An extra pocket on the left sleeve holds a travel card.


Margaret Howell plus Sam Hecht, A Cycle Shirt, Margaret Howell, London, 2011



Sam Hecht in interview with Disegno Magazine


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